The unique connections that individuals have to different places are an essential aspect of humanity. For my assignment, I will be interviewing my grandma Ali Iglesias. Having moved to Australia from Chile in 1971, and living in the same house in Sydney for over 35 years, Ali’s connection to ‘home’ is definitely unique.

I too have a very close and personal relationship to the house. Having spent many a day and night there, both myself and Ali share a deep connection with the dwelling. Through the interview, I hope to not only convey the significance of the building itself, but also how important the notion of having a safe and secure ‘home’ is.

The different aspects of audio will be utilised to provide an encapsulating story for the audience, as I trace back the significance of 34 Scott Street for my grandmother. Ultimately, it is my goal to provide the listener with an interesting story that also manages to highlight the connection between Ali and her home.